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In spare minutes…

Posted on June 23rd, 2007 by ferminho.
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I’ve been working in several things.

First, I had a shocking problem. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, when running the game it couldn’t reach 30fps (when normally it easily runs at 60fps). I made a profiler, y checked and rechecked everything thrice… and after a lot of suffering I realized the stupid reason of the problem. It seems it’s due to having the desktop color depth on 32 bit… when it’s on 16 bit it runs perfectly. The strangest of all is it happens in fullscreen too. Whatever.

Changing terms, I optimized some code. For example, the Resource Manager, a class used for loading, keeping and freeing up resources when they’re no longer needed… it was based on dynamic lists, and now I did a new implementation using an AVL tree, to search faster for already loaded resources. I changed some other things in the lines of that one, in benefit of efficience.

Lastly, the impact collision system, the CZone is already functional. When the characters slashes, its CZone is created with calculated parameters for type of weapon, impact estimated power, direction, etc… only thing remaining, make the characters detect, make the proper checkings and react to those CZones.

And related to that last subject, the item system is finished too (although static information for about 99% of the items is not yet written, I have only Hit’s basic sword –Rusty sword– and some other basic item.

Summarizing, I changed some things in the core code that, although can’t be seen when running the app, make this little creature grow in robustness and maturity.



Comment on June 25th, 2007.

Empieza a parecer un engendro, si… xD A ver que salee


Comment on June 25th, 2007.

^^ veremos, veremos. Gracias por pasarte por aquí.


Comment on June 28th, 2007.

Animo con el proyecto! por los videos se ve que puede salir algo muy wapo asi que te estare observando… 😛 Un saludo!

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